8 Ways to Not Overpack for Vacation

Here's some not so shocking news that came out Thursday: women are over-packers. According to a recent study conducted by Holiday Hypermarket, nine of out ten women never wear all the clothes (including the eight pairs of shoes) they pack for vacation. Sound familiar? Of course it does. The idea of a vacation may be relaxing, but packing for one is not. And most of the time, the only way I know how to deal with the stress is by packing way more clothes than I need. If you're headed on a summer getaway and want to make sure your suitcase doesn't end up weighing as much as you, consider these eight helpful tips.

Plan Out Your Outfits

Count how many days you'll be on vacation and break that day up into events or activities (i.e., brunch, beach, hike, dinner.) Figure out how many items of clothing you'll need to create appropriate outfits for all those different events or activities. Try your best to find items that can be worn more than once or in more than one outfit. Blogger Mojan Sami even suggests making flashcards with each day's itinerary and each outfit so you can see what you'd like to wear and what you need to pack.

Make a Checklist

Now that you know exactly what you want to bring, make a checklist with everything on it so you can be sure you don't forget anything, like Cupcakes and Cashmere's Emily Schuman. Schuman suggests going one step further and breaking your list down into categories.

Pack Flexible Clothes

When choosing items to pack, consider those that are easy to mix and match, clothing that can transition from day to night and pieces that don't take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Basics are always a good idea because they go with everything. Dresses and tops that you can dress down during the day and up at night are also great to bring along. If you aren't going somewhere warm and sunny, choose just one jacket that matches everything.

Use the Rolling Method

To maximize the space in your suitcase, be sure to adopt the rolling method. Not only will it make more room, it'll also ensure that your clothes will have less wrinkles.

Only Bring the Kinds of Shoes You Actually Need

Do you really need more than one pair of heels or sandals? Unless you're going to be away for over a month (or are some serious fashion blogger) the answer is likely no. Like you did with your clothes, plan out what kinds of shoes you need for each ensemble. Try your best to only bring one of each kind (sandal, sneaker, heel), or opt for a single pair of great flats that work with everything.

Bring Sample-Sized Beauty Products

You don't want to risk your favorite lotion exploding all over your clothes or leaving behind your expensive bottle of perfume or foundation at the hotel. Travel smart by planning ahead and visiting your local Sephora or department stores to gather sample sizes of beauty products. If they don't make samples for things you need, create your own travel-sized products by using small containers like contact lenses or old lip gloss jars.

Pack Your Jewelry In Pill Boxes

Never misplace an earring or tangle up a necklace with your bracelets ever again. Buy an inexpensive pill or vitamin organizer and store your jewelry in each of the individual compartments.

Wear Your Bulkiest Items On the Plane

Plan on wearing the items that take up the most space in your suitcase to the airport or when traveling. That way, you'll be able to make more room for more clothes.