Lana Del Rey's 'Ultraviolence' Track List Is Really Depressing

Look, I know you're either excited or skeptical about the new Lana Del Rey album, because those are the two binaries that exist when we're talking about the singer's music. I know my spin instructor is "excited" because we've been uphill climbing to a remix of "Summertime Sadness" for the past year and a half. But anyway, we now have the track list for Lana Del Rey's new album, Ultraviolencesorry, ULTRAVIOLENCE — and these are most certainly worthy of an analysis. I mean...well, you'll see.

Anyway, we recently had the opportunity to take a gander at the video for Del Rey's new single, "West Coast," and, in true Lana Del Rey fashion, the singer ends up on fire. On Thursday, with zero pomp and circumstance, Del Rey took to announcing her track list for her upcoming album, which will surely feature the song of the summer.

Most importantly, let's acknowledge that every single song is in caps. CAPS. NOTHING SAYS "THIS IS SERIOUS — LISTEN TO ME" QUITE LIKE ALL CAPS. CAPS suggets EMOTIONAL HAVOC AND DARKNESS. CAPS ARE SO LANA DEL REY. MAKING A STATEMENT. I'm sorry, I hope I didn't alienate anyone by veering towards all caps. Anyway.

Here is a screenshot of Lana Del Rey's announcement on Facebook:

So let's take a look at some of these songs. "CRUEL WORLD" seems like it could be a typical song about the gloom and doom of the world.


We've also got "SAD GIRL" which seems, well, appropriate for Lana Del Rey, who is the perennially sad girl.


"BROOKLYN BABY" will likely have a similar ombre to "WEST COAST," which is not about the delights of the West Coast, but about how shit is dark on the West Coast. Also, Del Rey is from ya go.



"PRETTY WHEN YOU CRY" seems like it might be about —hmm, maybe Lana Del Rey, herself? Or some guy who she just wants to see cry? Probably something deeper, but definitely something tres sad. But hey, Del Rey can smile, for the record:


IN CASE YOU FORGET, her voice is a representative behemoth of all sorts of emotions.

I'm going to guess that "THE OTHER WOMAN" is NOT about the universally panned Cameron Diaz movie. So let's just move on from there. "MONEY POWER GLORY" is probably about, well, what gets you glory. Money and power, I guess.


And pretty dresses, maybe. But judging by the source material on ULTRAVIOLENCE, pretty dresses will not likely be fodder on this album.

And then there's "FUCKED MY WAY UP TO THE TOP," which — and forgive me for looking into this — but probably about fucking a lot of people to achieve critical success, no? Did Lana Del Rey do this? Probs not, considering she's getting married in the near future.


Anyway, it looks like we're in for a very dark, violent, and probably very, very awesome album next month. And I swear — "FUCKED MY WAY UP TO THE TOP" better be on my spin class play list. Because nothing says climbing your way up to the top of a simulated exercise hill like the word "fucking."

Image: Facebook; Giphy