11 Songs Cut From 'The Lion King,' 'Frozen,' and All Your Favorite Disney Movies

You probably know the soundtrack to The Lion King pretty well, right? You grew up on it, could sing it from end to end, have listened to it a thousand times? Well, all that is about to change, because the soundtrack is getting a rerelease, and the updated soundtrack will include 30 minutes of cut songs from the film! This means more Simba, more Nala, more Scar(!), and one can only hope for more Timon and Pumbaa. My money's on a song for Mufasa — an early, tragic death and not even one song for James Earl Jones? That just doesn't seem fair.

Between this news and the recently released animatic for the cut duet from Frozen , it seems like somewhere in the Disney Vault there must be a stockpile of songs that may not have made it into your favorite Disney movies, but are a Disney-caliber of singable just the same. Luckily, we live in the age of YouTube, so we have plenty of easy access to tracks that might have never before seen the light of day.

Here are 11 cut songs from Disney movies with soundtracks you already know and love — unfortunately, the reported cut songs from Tangled haven't been released yet, but fingers crossed they'll join the ranks of these cut gems soon!

"Human Again," cut from Beauty and the Beast

mochixmochi on YouTube

If you've ever seen the Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast, you've already heard this song — but if you haven't, it was re-animated and restored for the Blu-Ray edition of the classic film.

"Snuff Out the Light," cut from The Emperor's New Groove

Morigane90 on YouTube

When you have Eartha Kitt in your movie, it would seem like the obvious thing to give her a song... unfortunately, the plot went through a change, and this badass Yzma solo got the boot as well.

"Proud of Your Boy," cut from Aladdin

Carlos Knauth on YouTube

Another song cut from the movie only to make its way to the Broadway musical, "Proud of Your Boy" was cut from the film along with Aladdin's mother.

"I'm Odd," cut from Alice in Wonderland

Movieclips Extras on YouTube

Alice in Wonderland apparently used to be filled with musical numbers — until time and budgetary restraints called for them to hit the cutting-room floor.

"We Know Better," cut from Frozen

Rose Red on YouTube

One of seven cut songs from the movie, "We Know Better" established Anna and Elsa's relationship as not only sisters, but also best friends.

"Call Me A Princess," cut from Aladdin

Lego Dreamlego on YouTube

So, apparently Princess Jasmine used to suck? Listen to the song above and tell me if that's a heroine you could root for. This song was cut when the filmmakers realized what kind of a role model they would be putting out for little girls if they made Jasmine a spoiled brat.

"Never Smile at a Crocodile," cut from Peter Pan


You've probably heard this song before — even though it was ultimately cut from Peter Pan, it's associated with the movie to this day.

"Music in Your Soup," cut from Snow White

blissfulimagination on YouTube

A sequence was even animated for the song (as you'll see above), but was ultimately cut for time and total irrelevance to the plot — unless, of course, you were dying to know how the dwarves learned to properly eat soup.

"One Dance," cut from The Little Mermaid

Alce12 on YouTube

Can you imagine The Little Mermaid without "Part of Your World"? Neither can I, but that was very nearly the reality — "One Dance" was almost Ariel's "I want" song instead!

"Dancing to the Wedding Drum," cut from Pocahontas

Kagami101 on YouTube

Written for an earlier draft where the film took place just days before Pocahontas and Kocoum's wedding, "Dancing to the Wedding Drum" reminds me a lot of "Honor to Us All" from Mulan.

"I Can't Believe My Heart," cut from Hercules


Another instance of one song getting cut for a much better one, "I Can't Believe My Heart" could have been "I Won't Say I'm in Love" — but thank Zeus it wasn't!

Images: Disney Animation Studios; disney.wikia.com