"Don't Take the Kids From Me" Mocks Britney Spears, Will Make You Uncomfortable — LISTEN

A song that cruelly mocks pop star Britney Spears is making waves online — and the alleged singer of the track may surprise you. “Don’t Take the Kids from Me,” which samples Spears’ 2007 song “Piece of Me,” was posted to YouTube all the way back in June of 2011, but it doesn’t appear to have made any significant impact until now. On the track, Spears’ long-time back-up vocalist Myah Marie (who has the uncanny ability to make her voice sound nearly identical to Spears’) purportedly takes the "Womanizer" singer to task, nailing her for everything from lip-synching during live performances to drug and alcohol addiction. Marie even supposedly asserts that Spears is a bad parent. Yikes.

I was miss preteen wet dream

When I was 17, I lip synched and pretended to sing

Got breast implants and a wedding ring

I started hittin’ the bottle

Lost all the titles of role model

Hitched in Vegas, forgot it

Did all the things that I wanted

And with a kid in the car don’t need a seat belt for protectionDon’t take the kids from me

(Don’t take the kids from me)

Marie has not yet responded to online accusations that she recorded “Don’t Take the Kids From Me." So far, this is all speculation. It would come as a major shock if Marie did, in fact, record the 2011 song, as she continued to provide backing vocals for Spears on her last album, 2013’s Britney Jean. Actually, shortly after Britney Jean's release, some fans even hypothesized that Marie sang in place of Spears on some of the album’s tracks. Marie denied these claims, telling RadarOnline that she could not "take credit" for Spears' "tremendous talents as a singer."

You can hear “Don’t Take the Kids From Me” below. Given Spears’ very real mental health struggles in the past, it’s kind of an uncomfortable listen. At this time, it's still unknown whether or not the vocals on the song actually belong to Marie. Let's hope not.

Britney Spears' camp has yet to respond to Bustle's request for comment. Myah Marie, who Bustle reached out to via Twitter, also has yet to respond.