Is Pink Pregnant? Husband Cory Hart Denies Rumors With Weird Phallic Joke

After hearing gossip that she is pregnant, Pink's husband Carey Hart joked about pregnancy rumors on Twitter and it really just makes it seem like she is pregnant. OK! Magazine suggested that the couple is "hiding a big secret" because a source who claimed to see the couple said, "They were cuddling and he kept rubbing her tummy. She was quick to move his hand away in case anyone saw. But it was pretty obvious." In apparent response Hart tweeted, "Oh man, i was rubbing my penis yesterday, does that mean my dick is pregnant?"

Aside from that fact that this just isn't funny — American Pie called, they want their joke back — it draws attention to the fact that you actually don't really rub your significant other's baby unless she's pregnant. I mean, maybe she ate a hoagie and had a massive food baby in there that they were joking about, but that's probably not the case. Instead of making a joke admitting that he was rubbing her belly, he should've said something like, "Really? Why would I rub her belly in public? That would make my peen jealous."

Plus, denying the rumors in the first place raises a red flag. Did you even know that there were Pink pregnancy rumors going around? Part of my job is knowing about celebrity pregnancy rumors and I hadn't heard anything about this. It makes it seem that this is something Pink and Hart were on the lookout for and they would only be on the lookout if she was actually pregnant.

Well, maybe. They could just have Google Alerts set up for themselves. I might stay on top of celeb news, but I can't say I have a specific Pink and Carey Hart Google Alert. We'll have to wait and see what happens a couple months from now when Pink either is or isn't walking around with a big pregnant belly. For now, we can all try to stop thinking about Pink's husband's wang and read too much into these weird tweets from Pink herself:

Highly suspicious!