#TBT 'Mulan 2' Was A Thing, and Has the World's Worst Trailer — VIDEO

I'm about to double-blow your mind with two things you didn't think could possibly be true.

Thing 1: There is a sequel to Mulan. It was straight-to-video, and like most sequels, it wasn't as popular as the original, but it is a real thing that came out in 2004. According to Wikipedia- and the trailer, which I'll get to in a minute- Mulan II (Which is disappointingly not subtitled Electric Mushu-galoo) is about Mulan and her now-fiance, certified Disney hottie Li Shang, escorting the Emperor's daughters across China so they can marry the princes of another kingdom. Eh, sounds fine for a sequel- except, well, just listen to this.

Thing 2: The trailer for Mulan II may honestly be the worst trailer I've ever seen in every way, shape, and form. Seriously, this may be a sequel but it's still a Disney movie- don't they have, like, the best trailer editors in the world at their disposal? Why is the animation so bad? Who is doing that awful Eddie Murphy impression? Why is half the trailer footage from the first movie? Why do these titles look like they were made on iMovie? WHAT IS WITH THE LENS FLARES? Seriously, J.J. Abrams called, and he wants them back.

I can't tell if it's just that the trailer is extremely poorly cut, or that the movie is terrible, or if it's a combination of both. Either way, I'm baffled by everything about the existence of Mulan II- check out the trailer for yourself below!

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Images: Disney