How To Watch 'Once Upon A Time's 2-Hour Season 3 Finale Online & On Demand

We've got a problem here, people. Well, not a real problem, but Once Upon A Time 's Season 3 finale is two hours long — meaning it will cut into your habitual Sunday night viewing of HBO's Game of Thrones or AMC's Mad Men (probably not your priority). So which show will you choose because it's a really a lose-lose situation no matter which way you go. Once Upon A Time has had a huge second half of its third season — they introduced The Wicked Witch of the West and finally, last Sunday, took her down and there are also a handful of 'ships (cough Emma and Hook) that we're waiting to see come to fruition. So what will you do?

If you so choose to not watch OUAT in real time (which might be kind of a mistake, considering it's a finale) there are other options available to you. You lucky dog, you. But, I personally suggest tuning in and staying off of social media and catching GoT during it's 11:30 PM HBO airtime. That's just me though. For those of you that are hellbent on keeping up with your routine — and won't feel bad about not being able to talk whether or not Rumpelstiltskin's proposal to Belle was for real or not with your coworkers on Monday morning, we've got your solution.

Oh, but on the contrary, Jefferson — we do believe in magic. The magic of the Internet, livestreams, and On Demand. Now close your eyes and spin around three times while repeating, "I believe," over and over.


There are a three different ways you can do this: First, if you don't have cable, you can just wait the standard eight days after the episode's original air date for it to become available to the mere mortals on and Hulu. It's really not so terrible, but by then you'll be so far behind that your social life will be miserable. The second option, is to log in on with your television provider information and get access to the episode within the first week of its air date. (This is kind of like HBO Go, but you don't get your episode as quickly.) Additionally, there's Hulu+, which if you subscribe or have a generous friend will also offer you the episode within a week of its air date.

Lastly, also offers a livestream option that can also be accessed with your television provider info. If you're someone that's so good at multitasking that you're able to watch two different shows at the same time.

On Demand

If you're a cable subscriber in the 21st Century, it's more than likely that your package comes with an On Demand option. The majority of networks — Verizon, Time Warner, Dish — all make new episodes available the morning after they air. If you're lucky, you might be able to wake up a little early on Monday morning and watch the episode before you're force-fed spoilers on the Internet and from your insensitive coworkers. (SUNDAY IS THE HARDEST DAY FOR TV EVER.) But, with this route, you run the risk of the show not being available until Monday night — I mean, if you're cool with that, go for it, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Which will be your happily ever after?

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