Life's Better Through An Instagram Filter, Right?

The phrase "rose-colored glasses" is about to take on a whole different meaning. A new company called Tens has created sunglasses that mimic the effects of Instagram filters without using technology. Necessary? Probably not. But they're definitely cool.

Tens are based on a simple principle. They used tinted lenses to give the whole world the appearance of a carefully selected Instagram filter — a "real-life photo filter" that "works with the warmth of the sun," according to the creators. Picture that vintage-y Polaroid picture sheen that makes the images in your Instagram feed look so cool. Now apply it to everything you see.

Marty Bell, Kris Reid and Tom Welsh are the three friends behind Tens. Influenced by their collective background in photography and filmmaking, the trio came up with the idea for Tens while on a road trip in Scotland. Now, they're trying to make the sunglasses a reality with an IndieGogo campaign. Launched Thursday morning, the campaign has already far surpassed the original funding goal. Looks like Insta-glasses are becoming a wearable reality.

In an email to Huffington Post, Welsh expressed his disbelief at the success so far:

It’s MENTAL! We always said as long as we made our goal in the Indiegogo campaign it would enable us to start the business; which was the only real aim. Some seemingly optimistic part of me hoped we’d hit our target in the first week, but it took us just under 2 hours to achieve it this morning. We’re all completely blown away!

Take a look at the below GIF, which illustrates the difference between traditional sunglass lenses and Tens. The average sunglass lens dulls the light so that you get a dark, cloudy effect. Tens brighten everything to the point of near oversaturation.

Tens are available for pre-order on IndieGogo, with a limited supply ready for June delivery. Choose from black, navy, deep red, and teal 'Classic' frames, which will run you $60. The lenses, which feature UV400 protection, are scratch resistant so nothing gets in the way of your perfect view.

If you want your whole world to look like a dreamy sunset from The O.C., choose Tens. If you're content with your dreary, average, #nofilter life, by all means, keep wearing those regular wayfarers.

Images: Tens/Indiegogo