James Franco Says His Selfies Are a Special Gift Just For You (Wink!) — VIDEO

All right, guys, chill your selfies (haha, get it?). At long last, we have an explanation for this actor's social media habits. On Thursday night's Late Show, David Letterman inquired about Franco's "affinity" for it, and James Franco said his incessant Instagramming is for his fans. Aww! I mean, ewww because more specifically, his photos — his underwear selfies — are "what the people want." Who knew James Franco was this generous?!!? (Cringes, withdraws from room, cries alone.)

The actor-writer-philosophizer-photographer posts every little thing he does and every little thought he has on the photo-sharing site and his fans are interested, naturally, but it's the Internet's fault for publicizing the moves he makes. And, as he claims, it's not like he's posting these photos on Billboards, but if you're a celebrity, I say: consider your Instagram your own personal Billboard. And hey, if you're James Franco, you have a ton of followers, and if you post pics of yourself in your underwear... you can't be entirely surprised if it causes an upheaval.

But Franco has the cure-all for the unsettling feelings we may have regarding his pics: if we don't want to look at the photos, we can just unfollow him. He didn't ask us to look! (But, uh, James Franco, you kinda did... by posting them.)

This incredibly awkward exchange is both hilarious and uncomfortable to watch. James Franco, maybe that it's best that you just don't talk about Instagram. Why don't you talk about Palo Alto?

You can watch the convo below. Remember: IT'S WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT.