We'd Treat James Franco's Semi-Nude Selfie a Lot Differently If He Were A Woman

It's been a weird month for James Franco and I'm officially starting to wonder how he's getting away with all of this. In early April Franco was outed for soliciting a 17-year-old girl on Instagram, giving off a creepy vibe that I haven't exactly forgiven him for. And now he's fallen down an even deeper rabbit hole — on Thursday night, James Franco posted an almost-nude photo on Instagram.

Franco's revealing photo, which has since been deleted, featured the star wearing only a pair of underwear that he pulled down just far enough to reveal his hand to covering his junk. Franco looked sweaty and the caption read "JUMP ROPE."

Here's the thing, though. So far, the media has scoffed at Franco's antics. We've collectively wondered if he's just messing us, or catfishing us, or if he's a performance artist, or worse, we've just brushed it all off and laughed. LOL, it's just Franco bein' Franco. How are we not screaming "nervous breakdown," "identity crisis," and "he's crazy" yet?

If he were a woman, we'd be saying all those things. If he were a woman, this past month of questionable behavior would classify him as a star on the verge of a meltdown.

In the last couple of weeks, aside from the basically asking a 17-year-old for sex situation, Franco's been more out there. His non-confession about the Instagram scandal proved that he totally missed the point, he's been painting nudes of Seth Rogen that, even for someone who loves Rogen (like myself) are kind of disturbing, and on Wednesday he claimed that Lindsay Lohan was obsessed with him, and more of less threw his former "friend" under the bus.

Oh, by the way, here's the photo:

When Amanda Bynes — who happens to be doing really well right now — displayed this kind of behavior, we all openly called the star crazy and made our own diagnosis that she was going through a psychotic breakdown. Yes, words like "creepy" and "desperate" are being thrown around to describe Franco's recent behavior, and even though the selfie isn't necessarily being received well, no one is passing judgment on the actor's mental health.

I'm not suggesting that anyone should pass judgment on the mental health of another human being that they don't even know, but it just doesn't seem fair that Franco can act however he wants and it gets dismissed as "typical Franco." Especially not when we treated Bynes' infamous topless selfie as a clear confession that she'd lost her mind. We didn't laugh it off — we ripped it to shreds in an attempt to explain her behavior.

Franco called LiLo "delusional" for putting him on her private sex-list — but really, are we the delusional ones for saying, "oh, silly Franco," in response to all of this?

Unfortunately, yes.

Image: EliteDaily/Twitter