The REAL Things We'd Like To Thank Our Moms For

As Mother's Day approaches, we all have a lot of things to thank our mothers for: loving us unconditionally, supporting our dreams, and...using us an excuse to get out of social obligations? In a new video, kids send their moms some hilariously honest thank yous. The whole thing is pretty perfect, and not just because the kids are adorable, and watching a five-year-old swear is always amazing.

The thing about moms is that they aren't perfect, and pretending that they are puts all of these impossible pressures on women trying to raise children. I personally love my mother and think she's amazing — but when I was little I remember she used to do this thing where she would lick her finger and use it to wipe dirt and stickiness off my face, and it was majorly disgusting. And she would ask for "just a little bite" of my food and then take this giant chomp that devoured like half of it. And she kept the Flintstones vitamins way on the top shelf so I couldn't just eat them whenever I wanted, and this one time...What was I talking about?

Oh, right. Thanks for all that stuff, mom, and I love you anyway. Happy Mother's Day.

Image: Johanna Stein/Youtube