Kendall Jenner Might Be The New Face Of Topshop, So Here Are Her Most "Fashion" Moments Ever

Kendall Jenner has walked a hard path in life. She went from adolescent reality star to teenage reality star to high fashion model. Way to persevere, Kendall. Even though I think that Jenner's steady climb to the catwalk has been more of a natural progression of what happens when you're famous and attractive rather than an actual climb, everyone is currently freaking out about the possibility that Jenner may take Kate Moss' spot as the face of Topshop.

So, yes, Jenner looked pretty good at the Met Ball (well, except for the hair), and has walked for designers like Marc Jacobs in the not so distant past. She's done pretty well for herself, yes. But she's part of the Kardashian clan and, let's face it, when it comes to fashion (and basically everything else) — those kids usually get what they want. I'm sure she's a hard enough worker, but being rich and famous is rarely detrimental to someone's career. So, to celebrate Jenner's super difficult rise to model fame, here are a few of her most fashion-y moments.

1. She's Always Taken Risks

We should have known way back on the first seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that Kendall was bound to be a fashion star. I mean, just look at the corn rows moment happening in this screenshot. #fierce

Image: E! Network

2. She Doesn't Let Anything Get In The Way Of Fashion. Unless...

Ah, young Kendall. Wise beyond her years, showing us that even the biggest of dreams have their limits. Fashion over everything? Not quite.

Image: E! Network

3. She Really Understands The Power of a Selfie

And it doesn't hurt that she's kind of pretty. I'm sure she understands that too. You work that light, girl.

Image: Instagram/@kendalljenner

4. And She Travels Like A Model

Through private planes and coordinating masses of Louis Vuitton luggage, Jenner has really fought for her spot on the most exclusive catwalks.

Image: Instagram/@kendalljenner

5. The Girl Is Never Afraid Of a Trend

Even if the trend happens to be, say, a baseball hat with cat ears and is generally just bizarre. But she still manages to look cute because, duh, fashion.

Image: Instagram/@kendalljenner

6. NYFW Backstage Pics Are No Big Deal

What? You don't casually take picks with a Givency-clad Joan Smalls too? Oh. Weird.


7. THE Nose Ring

Chris Weeks/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yes, this happened.

8. She Got Some Calvin Klein Undies, Too

Basically anyone who's anyone in fashion participated in this campaign for Calvin Klein, so we'll take this as a very good sign for Ms. Jenner's career.


9. The Met Gala

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Enough said. That's a Topshop dress, BTW.