'Rosemary's Baby' Star Zoe Saldana Had Sex In One of the Grossest Places Imaginable — VIDEO

For some reason celebrities are often asked about the craziest place they've had sex during interviews. A lot of times the answer is either "on a plane" or "honestly, I haven't," but one actress just bested everyone else's answer, celebrity or not. Zoe Saldana had sex between two subway cars according to Saldana herself. In an interview on the SiriusXM show Sway in the Morning on Thursday, Saldana had to draw three questions from "Sway's Mystery Sack" and one was the ubiquitous "craziest play you've had sex." Saldana started by saying, "I am part of the Mile High Club" which would have been plenty, but then she got into the crazy stuff.

"Okay this is ghetto, but I'm from Queens so whatever. There is a train from Coney Island [New York] all the way back into the city, and it was between two train cars. It was super ghetto." She continued, "But I'm a lady now."

That is some risky business! If you're unfamiliar with New York subway train cars, there several of them to each train and it is possible to walk between them by opening a sliding door (that technically you aren't even supposed to use) and stepping across a tiny platform before walking into the next door. And this area isn't enclosed, you are out in the open with only metal cables on the sides separating you from impending doom. The area you can stand on is only about a square foot meeting there isn't much room for getting it on.

The fact that Saldana tells her story so casually is crazy. You can't just say you had sex between two subway cars and move on! We need the logistics! We dont need any information about the sex itself, but how did they not fall off? How did they not get caught? How do you both fit in that tiny area and manage to do your thang? How quickly did they run home to shower after realizing their bare butts touched a New York subway?

The idea of sex between two subways cars sounds terrifying and the fact that she doesn't seem phased only makes it seem that she's hiding something else. I'm thinking she didn't join the Mile High Club in the bathroom, but rather in the cockpit without the pilots noticing.