Why I Love Elle Quebec This Month

Even though before today I had zero idea Elle Quebec (so specific...) even existed, I'm suddenly so very happy that it does. The magazine just released its June 2014 cover featuring plus size model Ashley Graham. And she's wearing a bikini. You go, Elle Quebec.

While it still seems just a little bit ridiculous that I still get so excited over seeing a girl with an average body type on the cover of a magazine (albeit an absolutely stunning girl), the truth is that in a world of overly Photoshopped magazine covers and spreads, this type of cover continues to be wildly refreshing.

Even thinner celebrities like Shailene Woodley and Amanda Seyfried have been Photoshopped (on other Elle covers, in fact) when appearing on the covers of major fashion magazines recently, making it seem like no one is safe from the airbrushing tool. And while realistically, even though this cover with Graham has probably been edited or altered in some way, it's still nice to see a curvy lady on the cover. And in a bikini, no less.

Graham is a major name in the world of plus size modeling, and even modeled for high-end designer Jenny Packham recently, along with other plus size models. Slowly but surely Graham and plus size models like her are becoming less separate from other models, and are gaining more and more attention.

It may be a while before every magazine is featuring plus size models regularly, but we're getting there. While it's refreshing and inspiring to see a model like Graham on the cover of a major magazine, I think we can all hope that one day this type of cover isn't news at all, but rather a normal (and celebrated) part of the fashion world.