Shailene Woodley's Marie Claire Cover Looks A Little...Off

In the past couple of years, Shailene Woodley has been pretty darn busy. Since the releases of major hits like The Descendants and The Fault In Our Stars, Woodley has been on red carpets, award ballots (hello, Golden Globe nomination), and magazine covers, the latest of which is Marie Claire's April 2014 issue. But some think Woodley looks...well, just a little bit different than her usual self on the fashion mag's April cover.

As if there hasn't been enough Photoshop controversy in the past couple weeks (what were you thinking, Target?), Marie Claire seems to have edited Woodley's photo so drastically that she barely looks like herself.

Samantha Escobar at The Gloss wrote, "I would probably recognize Shailene if I looked for longer than five seconds, but just passing a newsstand, there’s no way I would immediately identify her."

It's true that the photo on the magazine cover looks very different than other image we've seen of the former Secret Life of the American Teenager star. Her waist and hips look oddly blurred and impossibly narrow, while her face looks airbrushed to the point that there's very little depth to her face, much less skin texture.

Of course, airbrushing and minimal editing in Photoshop are a somewhat necessary part of laying out a magazine, but making a celebrity or model look totally unlike herself? Kind of defeats the purpose of having a familiar and famous face on the cover, doesn't it?

We love Shailene's "fresh, fun, and unfiltered" personality too, Marie Claire, but why so edited? We would have loved to see a more recognizable, naturally beautiful Shailene Woodley on the cover.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images