See Amy Schumer & Jimmy Fallon Play The Best Game Ever on 'The Tonight Show' — VIDEO

I swear, the more publicity this woman gets, the better, because she is pretty much the funniest lady alive. On Friday night, Amy Schumer and Jimmy Fallon played 'Truth or Truth' on The Tonight Show — yes, you read that right, Truth or Truth — and, of course, they put an excellent spin on the classic sleepover game. As in, let's just say that these two put all other game-players to shame with their hilarious riffs.

Some highlights include a debate about Christian Bale — you'll never guess which phase of Christian Bale's live Amy thinks is the most attractive...okay, well, maybe you will — and Fallon, of course, has his moments, too. But the best moment is when Fallon asks Schumer a particular question on teeth (does she have an opinion on them?) and her answer...well, it pushes the limits, even for late night television. Hey, it's late, but it's still earlier than 12:35! Some grandmas are awake at 11:35! (Although I'm sure those grandmas have opinions on teeth, too).

Seriously, if you're not an Amy Schumer fan, jump on board, please, and watch Inside Amy Schumer — you'll naturally be inclined to join her fan brigade. She's boundary pushing, pretty motivational (I'm still thinking about her speech at The Ms. Gala) and let's just be frank: mother-effing hilarious.

Check it out below, and you'll surely have opinions on "teeth," too.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube