Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Are "Amazing" In 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' Apparently

Are you a fan of the eponymous E. L. James erotica lite novel that introduced the word "BDSM" into the vernacular on mom blogs? Are you stricken with fear that the movie would just never be able to live up to the book? Well, in what's either a brilliant publicity move or a moment of honest-to-goodness truth (and let's hope for the later), Victor Rasuk, who plays Anastasia Steele's pal Jose in Fifty Shades of Grey, has said that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are just "amazing" in the movie.

Okay, amazing in their acting scenes or amazing in their...other scenes? Not that those don't require acting, but still. And remember? This movie is gonna be lite on the sex fare, and a real treat for people who claimed to have read the book "for the story."

Here's what Rasuk said when he spoke to an E! reporter at the Godzilla premiere:

I've been sworn to secrecy but I will say this: Dakota was amazing [...] Jamie was amazing. It was one of those things where we came into it wanting to do it justice. And I think all the fans, the millions of fans, will also love what we did. I think we did it justice.

Yay! Justice for all! You know you need justice when you're filming a spanking scene (which, I'm assuming, is still going to be in the movie, in a moment in which Ana finds her "inner goddess." That's right, Internet — I read the book. In public. On the subway. To see how people would react to me. Anyway.)

Rasuk also spoke highly of his co-stars:

Dakota was fantastic [...] She's super nice, down to earth and she's going to be a fantastic Anastasia [...] As a guy, person to person, [Jamie] was amazing to talk to and amazing to work with.

So, essentially, prepare YOUR inner goddess, as this movie is well on its way and apparently will be pretty amazing. Next February, guys. Mr. Grey will see you then .