The First Official Photo For 'Gotham' Is Here, So Get Excited — PHOTO

Are you excited for Gotham? You should be. But now you should be even more excited because Benjamin McKenzie has tweeted the first official photo for Gotham . You know what that means: it's coming. And it's coming soon. And...there are pictures. Well, a picture, but still. Visual evidence nonetheless!

We already made the collective decision that this new show on Fox was going to be awesome when the first trailer was released. The show, which centers around Benjamin McKenzie's character Gordon, chronicles the story of the man who turns into the police commissioner played by Gary Oldman in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight movies. The show is peppered with Batman references without actually being about Batman himself, which sounds pretty cool. Still, we will get to see Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) in the series, just not as Batman — we'll see him strictly as he takes his first steps towards becoming that famed superhero. We also will see Catwoman (Camren Bicondov) and The Penguin (Robin Lord taylor) begin their journeys towards becoming their namesakes, as well.

It's essentially sounds like one of the greatest origin stories — and dare I say it, prequels — to hit television — or the big screen. Between this show and Better Call Saul, 2014 is seriously becoming the year of the kickass, re-defining prequel.

Anyway, check out the photo that McKenzie tweeted. It will definitely get you even more psyched for this upcoming series — also, if you haven't seen the trailer, watch that too.

Image: FOX