James Franco's 'Good People' Role is Latest in Line of Morally Questionable Characters - VIDEO

Palo Alto's creepiest gym teacher James Franco is back in Good People for another morally questionable role. After writing and starring in the indie film Palo Alto as a lustful teacher who "tutors" student Emma Roberts (sex, they have sex), he's left one creepy character behind only to find himself in another unethical role.

In Good People's new trailer, contrary to the title, Franco and his love interest Kate Hudson play Tom and Anna who aren't necessarily the most upstanding citizens. When they discover that their downstairs neighbor has died they also discover he had a lot of hidden money. But the couple is in the middle of losing their home so rather than alert the authorities, Franco and Hudson take the money for their own. This of course leads to them getting mixed up in something way larger and they become the target of men who want that duffel bag full of money back. One of them menacingly says, "Don't you know when you find a pot of gold, there's always a monster guarding it?"

Throughout the trailer the couple justifies taking the money because they're not doing bad things with it like those men clearly would. At the heart of things, they're really good people (hence the title) who just needed some help, even if that help came in the form of stealing from a dead man. But hey, at least in this movie he doesn't sleep with a teenager!

Watch the dramatic, action-packed trailer below:

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Image: Millennium Films