'True Blood' Trailer: Who Knew It Could Get Darker?

Watching the trailer for the upcoming season of True Blood, I had two thoughts: 1) This is the season Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) was created for, and 2) What the fucking FUCK, Bill? A ball-busting, blood-gushing vamp versus human sexfest is what I had hoped for at the end of last season, and the trailer promises all of the above. As usual, Sookie (Anna Paquin) will continue to be a dumb ho, but hey, at least she's surrounded by pretty men doing action-y things, and maybe Bill will be killed, thus making room for me... I mean, Sookie to live happily ever after with Eric.

The whole Lilith-turning-into-Bill thing was a shocker, but now we have no idea what to expect. What is his deal? Why can he now walk out during daytime? How did he go from Southern gentleman of the night to crazy religious vampire god in one season? When they say, "It's time for humans to bite back," what does that MEAN? Clearly the trailer was well-made because I have so many questions, and will doubtlessly tune in to have them answered. Potentially seeing Eric naked definitely will NOT have anything to do with it. Don't be crass guys.

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Image: HBO