Is 'Star-Crossed' Renewed For Season 2? Don't Get Too Excited, Folks

Bad news, Matt Lanter fans: Though the finale will air Monday, leaving us with bated breaht, the CW’s action-packed midseason sci-fi drama Star-Crossed is officially canceled. When the CW Powers That Be got together last week to decide which shows will stay and which will go, the axe came down on The Carrie Diaries, The Tomorrow People, and — you guessed it — Star-Crossed. I’m guessing it’s because just over 900,000 people tuned in for last week’s episode, and for a brand new show that’s already on shaky territory that’s basically a death sentence.

If you’re late to the Star-Crossed party (as many people seem to be), the show is a futuristic twist on Romeo and Juliet — if Romeo and Juliet were dealing with an interspecies relationship instead of a little family drama, of course. This time around, Juliet’s a human, and Romeo’s an alien, and their relationship is doomed from the start, considering the fact that, in the future, people are iffy on whether or not human & alien relationships are a good idea.

Totally intriguing concept, right? And, should aliens live among us one day, that kind of discrimination would definitely be a real social issue. Given the chance, Star-Crossed could have ended up being a new generation’s answer to Roswell, but now, we’ll never know. Sadly, the show only had 13 episodes to prove itself, and ended up falling short. Bummer!

Now, for the good news. According to TVLine, Monday's finale episode will blow our minds, and in a recently released clip from the show, fans get to see lovers Roman and Emery getting it on, and a half-dressed Matt Lanter ain’t bad. All in all, Star-Crossed makes being in a relationship that results in, like, deadly battles and stuff seem kinda hot.

And the show's leading lady, former Friday Night Lights star Aimee Teegarden and the rest of her co-stars aren’t taking the news too badly, although it sounds like she did have her fingers crossed for a renewal. Sorry, girlfriend — we’re sure you’ll find a new home on television when the time is right.

But we'd better get used to this kind of carnage. The entire month of May is pretty much a bloodbath when it comes to TV. Some shows stay, some go, and some don’t even get a goodbye. I prefer to think positively, though: The canceled shows are making way for brand new stuff we get to fall in love with and obsess over come fall, and is there anything better than that?

Images: The CW (2)