9 Wondrous Croissant Recipes, Because Butter Is Never a Bad Thing

We’ve never met a bread we didn’t like. Buttery or lean, quick or yeasted, there’s nothing like fresh loaf, straight from the oven into our waiting bellies. But the king of all things carb-filled and good for the soul? The croissant, hands down. It’s buttery; it’s flaky; it melts in your mouth like a thousand layers of pastry glory. And as much as we love them à la Parisienne with just a café au lait for company, croissants deserve to be eaten every which way. They should be sliced in half and smothered in Nutella. We want them on our sundaes and in our birthday cakes — diet be damned. Ready? Let’s go.

Image: Stonesoup

Nutella Sandwich

The classic pairing of Nutella and croissants will never fail you — but Heather Christo takes things a step further by frying hers in brown butter. Close your mouth. You’re drooling.

Image: Heather Christo

Bread Pudding

Another foolproof way to repurpose your croissants? Soak them in a rich custard and bake until all that goodness is golden and crispy on top. Thanks, Sugar et Al!

Image: Sugar et Al

Nutella Bread Pudding

Oh, and you should probably put Nutella in your bread pudding, too. The Little Ferraro Kitchen has the recipe.

Image: The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Kouign Amann

If you were going to make your own croissant dough (go you!), consider sprinkling it with copious amounts of sugar and caramelizing the whole shebang. Then, you get Eat the Love’s kouign amann, which is divine. Bonus points if you can pronounce it.

Image: Kouign Amann

Orange Stuffed

Or, if you have leftover dough, roll it up with some candied orange slices, à la Adventures in Cooking.

Image: Adventures in Cooking

Waffled Croque Madame

Yes, this is a croissant. Yes, it is in the shape of a waffle. Deal with it. Our friends at Will it Waffle? have the recipe.

Image: Will It Waffle?

Birthday Cake

So maybe you bought too many croissants and couldn’t finish them all. While this never happens to us, you could make those extra pastries the base for Stonesoup’s birthday cake, which calls for just five ingredients.

Image: Stonesoup


Fact Number One: croissants are delicious. Fact Number Two: Croissants with ice cream, fudge, and sprinkles are ridiculously delicious. So do it. Thanks, How Sweet Eats!

Image: How Sweet Eats

Coffee Caramelized French Toast Sticks

The kitchen geniuses over at Half Baked Harvest decided not only to make French toast out of croissants but also to soak it all in coffee and caramelize it. I’m just going to leave this picture here for you.

Image: Half Baked Harvest