Celebs Who Wear Their Friend's Faces

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? And if it has anything to do with Ryan Gosling, it is a heart-stopping, earth-shattering form of flattery. Late last night, former child star Macaulay Culkin shared a very meta, Inception- y photo himself on Twitter wearing a t-shirt of Ryan Gosling, who was wearing a t-shirt of Culkin from his Home Alone years. Follow that? It's like a mirror mirroring a hot mirror.

It's not the first time celebrities wearing other famous faces has been done. Rihanna has stepped out on numerous occasions in Kate Moss shirts, while the Jenners are known for supporting brother-in-law-to-be Kanye in their get-ups.

It's quite the nice gesture when someone with millions of Instagram followers wears a photo of another person literally on their chest. It's like saying "I think you're awesome!" to the world. So, in honor of celebs on celebs on celebs, I've rounded up my favorite famous fashion mavens wearing their hearts, or idols, on their sleeves.

1. Queen B Paying Homage to Aaliyah

Image: Instagram/@beyonce

Aaliyah will be forever immortalized in her songs (and in Drake's back tattoo), but this time the fallen singer is captured on Beyoncé's shirt.

2. Kendall Jenner Wearing Miley Cyrus

Image: Instagram/@kegrand

Are these two friends? I don't remember. I just like the Miley shirt.

3. Cara Delevingne Donning Kate Moss

Image: Instagram/@kegrand

This reminds me of a bootleg Kate tank I bought from eBay in high school. I don't think I looked as cool as Cara, though.

4. North West (Eventually) in Kim Kardashian Apparel

Image: Instagram/@kimkardashian

North West better wear this not because it a picture of her mother, Kim, but because the shirt was presented to her (signed, at that) by the legendary Carine Roitfeld.

5. Riley Dunn, Model Jourdan Dunn's son, Giving a Motherly Shout Out

Image: Instagram/@officialjdunn

This is just adorable.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Pizza Underground