Macaulay Culkin Wears Ryan Gosling T-Shirt & The Story Behind It Is So Meta — PHOTOS

At some point Macaulay Culkin became a big fan of doing weird artsy things ... Or a big fan of making fun of weird artsy things? I'm not really sure. Anyway, first there was his Velvet Underground cover band, the Pizza Underground, which changes lyrics of Velvet Underground songs so that they're about pizza ("All the Pizza Parties," "Take a Bite of the Wild Slice"), and now, he is wearing ridiculous meta t-shirts. Macaulay Culkin wore a t-shirt showing Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt with Macaulay Culkin on it.

Obviously, this is only going to get better if Gosling now wears a t-shirt with a photo of Culkin in the t-shirt and they go back and forth until they're old men and the shirts show the progression of their entire lives. Or if the t-shirts are produced for mass consumption. That would work too.

A photo of Culkin in the shirt was posted on the Pizza Underground's Twitter page (@cheesedayz, naturally) with the caption, "Let's get meta #ryangosling #macaulayculkin #shirt #pizzaunderground #mug." Not only is Culkin wearing the t-shirt, he's also wearing sunglasses like the ones Gosling has on in the photo and is holding a Pizza Underground mug. It's a pretty cute mug and they should totally sell them with the t-shirts at a discounted rate. People still won't listen to the Pizza Underground, but at least it'll get their name out there