Beyonce Gives Fan Serious Death Stare When He Tries to Casually Capture Her in Candid Selfie — PHOTOS

While it's true that Beyoncé loves her fans, it's also true that Mrs. Carter doesn't have time for tomfoolery. TIME Magazine's Most Influential Person is near constantly busy being awesome, after all, and she's a fairly private person all things considered. Look how quiet she kept about her relationship with Jay Z up until recently. If she's trying to enjoy a peaceful meal with her family in New York only to look up and find a camera phone staring her in the face over somebody's head, it's only natural that she'd find it a little off-putting. When a fan tried to incorporate Beyoncé into his selfie, Queen Bey kept it classy by communicating the breadth of her displeasure with a single look.

The fan posted a series of pictures of Beyoncé on Twitter, mentioning that Beyoncé was spotted with Blue Ivy on Sunday and that Jay Z was with them as well. It wasn't until Beyoncé was walking by that she noticed her involuntary involvement in the selfie. She seems to have been willing to ignore it considering the fan was able to take several more pictures and makes no mention of actually haven spoken to Beyoncé. He may have been recording a relatively private family meal, but Queen Bey was apparently willing to let it slide since it didn't directly affect her.

Still, the selfie is pretty much one of the greatest pictures of Beyoncé ever taken, if only for how severely unamused she looks. How is there not a meme devoted to Beyoncé's greatest side-eyes yet? At the very least, there should be a Celebrity Involuntary Photobomb Challenge. It would be like Ellen DeGeneres' Dance Dare Challenge, except instead of dancing behind people until they notice you, you have to take selfies with celebrities in the background until they side-eye you. I expect this to catch on in Los Angeles and New York immediately.

See the rest of the pictures below.