'Jurassic World' Will Be Scored by Michael Giacchino, and This is a Dino-mite Choice

If you thought there was a chance director Colin Trevorrow might ask a DJ to mash up and remix dinosaur roar sound effects and call it the Jurassic World soundtrack, think again! Jurassic World will be scored by Michael Giacchino. The mega-accomplished composer's credits include Up, The Incredibles, Alias, Ratatouille, Super 8, Lost, Speed Racer, Stark Trek, and Star Trek Into Darkness. He's won an Academy Award, multiple Grammys, an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and the man behind The Soundtrack That Makes Me Tear Up Every Time I Hear It (aka the Up soundtrack). That last one is a very prestigious award, indeed.

According to Deadline, Giacchino's score will incorporate the beloved themes from John Williams’s classic Jurassic Park score into the new Jurassic World score. Reworking legendary movie songs is kind of his bag: Giacchino did this for Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness, too. Clever girl, er, Giacchino.

In addition to composing for television and movies, Giacchino has a lot of experience composing for video games. Worth noting: two of his earliest video game credits are 1997's The Lost World: Jurassic Park and 1999's Warpath: Jurassic Park. Huh. You don't say!

The guy has a Oscar and Jurassic experience. Dino-mite!