Elsa & Anna Are Headed To 'Once Upon A Time,' But Don't Expect Casting to Heat Up Soon


It's official: Frozen's reign is not ending any time soon. We've already discussed our immediate intrigue over Once Upon A Time 's introduction of  Frozen 's Queen Elsa — but now we're left with an entire summer before we actually get to see her (ahem) let it go on our television screens. And it seems it really will be a little while before we actually start to hear what  Once Upon A Time 's head honchos have in store for the beloved ice queen.

The inclusion of Elsa in the show's Season 3 finale immediately sparked questions over who would play the already-legendary Disney queen — for instance, would Idina Menzel or even Kristen Bell be candidates? According to Once co-creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, they "have an offer out to Adele Dazeem to play Elsa" — by which they actually mean they won't know much about the future of Elsa on the show for a little while, so we should all just hold our horses and be patient. Here's what they said in an interview Monday with Entertainment Weekly:

Don't worry too much, basically: They seem to want to stay true to the spirit of the characters and their story:

As long as they don't pull the bull they did with Peter Pan, we good.

Image: Disney