Did Angelina Jolie's Powder Face and Brad Pitt's Crazy Sunglasses Just Prank Us All?

Brangelina showed up to the premiere of The Normal Heart on Monday looking like two actual caricatures of human celebrities. Angelia Jolie hit the red carpet literally covered in what could be nothing except for white flour, with Brad Pitt rocking actual transition sunglasses by her side.

This has to be a poorly timed fool, right? Jolie has been ruling the red carpet with her fabulous Maleficent -themed ensembles lately, and these two are way too high up on the celebrity social ladder to have made these fatal fashion missteps on purpose. Even if both Jolie and her makeup artist somehow didn't realize one of them had left MASSIVE GOBS OF WHITE STUFF all over her face, surely Pitt would have said something, like any good husband-to-be would. Right? RIGHT?!

All I know is that if I was this famous, I would be constantly be doing crazy crap like this. Leaving the house sans pants? Always hilarious. Sprinkling substance-like powder suggestively all over your perfect jawline? There's a straight up knee-slapper if I've ever seen one. Wearing transition fade lenses in ernest? Literally can't even breathe from how hard I'm laughing at the thought.

Of course, the other option is that Jolie really has been baking a bunch and Pitt reminded her with only ten minutes to go-time that they had a red carpet event that night. In the case of fabulous dress (from the neck down, by the way, they do both look fantastic) versus a little bit of leftover confectioner's sugar, I'm always on team gown.

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images