Who Wore It Better: Princess Or Villain?

As the May 30th release approaches, Maleficent continues to have a major fashion moment. Disney-inspired clothing and accessories are no longer relegated to the dress-up chest of childhood. Even major designers like Stella McCartney are getting in on the action, and I couldn't be happier.

Recently, both Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning have been seriously upping their style game at public appearances to promote the film. The actresses have recently repped their characters by wearing shoes inspired by Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent. I can't think of a cooler way to promote a movie than designer footwear inspired by the film!

Both sets of pumps are uber adorable and I'd happily welcome them into my shoe rack with open arms. But in the game of footwear, you win or you die — wait, wrong pop culture reference. In the game of footwear, everybody wins (unless you're wearing these ). Still, in the spirit of friendly competition, I would like to crown a winner. So who wore designer Disney shoes best, princess or villain? They say that good always triumphs over evil, but that doesn't have to be the case when we're talking about fashion. Read on for my verdict.

Elle Fanning's Sleeping Beauty Pumps

Elle Fanning's Sleeping Beauty pumps, worn to a photocall in Pars, are perfect. Better yet, they aren't custom, so if you have the resources you can theoretically snag yourself a pair. The delightful little shoes are Charlotte Olympia, because really... who else? Fanning's decision to pair the shoes with a simple olive green Valentino was spot-on. The casual cut of the dress (I mean, pockets) really lets the shoes stand out. She gets bonus points for skipping accessories and choosing au natural hair and makeup to make Sleeping Beauty the total star of the show.

Angelina Jolie's Maleficent Wedges

Jolie's Maleficent heels (she has worn them in black and white to different events) are custom Louboutin. The above outfit is from a London photocall. Both versions of the shoes have heels modeled after Maleficent's horns, but the white ones are a tad bit edgier. Why? Because the tips of the horns are dripping with blood.

We love Angelina's decision to pair them with the white bird-patterned dress for a sweetly sinister look, plus those red lips are a magnificent tie-in with the red on the shoes.

And the winner is...

Charlotte Olympia

Both shoe designs are equally stellar, but Fanning wins for her brilliantly understated styling. The Charlotte Olympia pumps could be hard to pull off, but Fanning's outfit hit all the right notes of cheeky and understated. Plus, I love the fact that these shoes weren't designed just for the actress. If you want, you can have princess-gilded stilettos too (for a price). Looks like good won out, after all!

Images: RatedGiana/Twitter, POPSUGARfashion/Twitter, ChineseTheatres/Twitter