Sarah Baker Leaves 'The Odd Couple' & Breaks Our Hearts

With her recent phenomenal, scene-stealing moments in Louie, this actress has been on our minds, and we're like, can we please see more of her? PLEASE! NBC must have heard the cries of the collective voices of the nation, and was like, haha, America, you can't get what you want. Sarah Baker will no longer be on The Odd Couple (which, by the way — is a thing that is happening. NBC is doing a redux of the classic tale), and knowing that we'll get less of an incredible actress is like an arrow to the heart.

The show, which will launch in the fall, is the brainchild of Matthew Perry — well, really, it's Neil Simon's play, but Matthew Perry is writing, producing, and starring as Oscar (the messy roommate). Baker was set to play Oscar's assistant, Sam, and if any lady can give it to someone straight, it's this lady right here. In fact, Perry apparently wrote the role with Baker in mind.

She's not the only lady to exit the show — George King also left her role, as the pretty model who lives in Oscar and Felix's building.

But this whole Sarah-Baker-exiting-the-show thing is pretty crappy, but fear not! We will get to see more of Baker soon. She's going to appear in Melissa McCarthy's upcoming Tammy , which is excellent news. Still not as good as finding out she'll be a regular on an NBC, but at least it mends our breaking hearts for like, a hot second.

But the bigger question remains: why did two ladies leave this show? Is it because they knew, deep down inside, they should have been playing lady versions of Oscar and Felix, instead of just a sexy neighbor and an assistant? This isn't a wild notion, by any means — Neil Simon actually wrote a female version of his famous comedy, so there ya go!