Alec Baldwin Arrested for Illegal Biking in NYC, Which Apparently Is a Thing

You will never believe why Alec Baldwin just got arrested. Really, this isn't a line to get you to keep reading, it's just that crazy. The 30 Rock actor was arrested for breaking a law I didn't even know was a thing. Apparently, Baldwin was illegally biking in Manhattan Tuesday morning. What exactly is illegal biking? Evidently, it's biking without an I.D., so tell all those 10 year olds you know that they better head down to the DMV.

Of course, there's a little more to the story than just a missing license — apparently the problem started when Baldwin was caught riding his bike the wrong way down 5th Avenue. Once he was arrested, Baldwin was allegedly his usual self (read: aggressive) and TMZ reports that he was "belligerent with officers while in custody" and was also given a ticket for disorderly conduct. He was then escorted to the station to be properly identified. It's too bad Baldwin didn't think to pull up a YouTube clip of his acting as a form of I.D.

In Touch photographers were conveniently on the scene, so you can now see Baldwin being handcuffed and placed into a police car. He appears relatively calm in the photos, but according to one source, he “went ballistic on the cops, screaming at them.”

After Baldwin had a high-profile 2013 and was documented going on homophobic rants and using gay slurs for paparazzi, it's a little funny that he was taken down for something as almost sweet as illegal biking. No word yet whether he pulled a Reese Witherspoon and shouted at the cops "Do you know who I am!?!"

We'll keep you updated.

Image: Tumblr