Have You Accepted Ben Affleck as Your Batman?

When Zack Snyder tweeted the first image of Ben Affleck as Batman standing beside the Batmobile, it seemed like the perfect thing to finally shut down all of the haters. Sure, Affleck and his cleft chin look more like they're sulking than brooding in the black and white shot, but surely it's a step in the right direction. It was supposed to be photographic evidence that we were all wrong to doubt that Affleck had the dramatic range required to portray the Dark Knight so soon after Christian Bale gave up the cowl, but that's not exactly what happened. In fact, according to Twitter, the only thing worth looking at in the picture are the Batmobile or the Batsuit. Affleck who?

The Twitterverse has made no secret of its displeasure over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman ever since the news broke. The photo may be shadowy and dramatic and capture the very essence of Batman as a character, but for many people it's a great shot completely ruined by Ben Affleck being present in it. Considering how much time Affleck will spend with most of his body completely covered and his voice modified, you would think that it wouldn't matter so much to the Internet who is inside the suit.

Why are people still so against Ben Affleck playing Batman, even after a picture like that? The reasons are varied.

He's Not Christian Bale.

They Can't Differentiate Him From His Past Roles.

He Doesn't Look the Part.

He's a Life Ruiner.

He Can't Act.

They're On the Fence.

They Don't Need to Explain a Thing.

The photo of Affleck did manage to convert quite a few former haters into giving him a chance, however, so he shouldn't give up hope of winning the whole audience just yet. Maybe when the trailer comes out, he'll silence the rest of the crowd. If not, it's not like all of them won't pay to see the movie anyway, if only so they can complain about it on Twitter later. Such is the nature of the Internet.