Gwyneth Paltrow To Star In ‘Secret In Their Eyes,’ So What Happened To That Break From Acting?

Gwyneth Paltrow has said in the past that she has a rule about only making one movie a year so that she has time to spend with her children, and it looks like Paltrow has found her movie for 2014. Gwyneth Paltrow will star in The Secret in Their Eyes along with Chiwetel Ejiofor. The film is a remake of El Secreto del Sus Ojos , a 2009 Argentinian crime-thriller which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Paltrow is an Oscar winner herself and Ejiofor was nominated for his lead role in 12 Years a Slave earlier this year, but those aren't the movie's only great credentials. The Secret in Their Eyes adaptation will be directed and written by Billy Ray who also wrote The Hunger Games and Captain Phillips.

It sounds like Paltrow made a great choice for her one movie and if you think the news is coming quickly after Paltrow announced she'll be taking a break from acting, well, you're right. Paltrow said in a March interview that she "can't shoot anything for a while" and while her break isn't going to be very long, technically she is sticking to her one film per year rule. The news may have been released now, but the film doesn't start shooting until this fall. Paltrow still has time to hang out with her kids and come up with quinoa recipe ideas for Goop (quinoa is still in, right?) and promote a film called Mortdecai which she shot at the end of last year. She might not be making more than one film a year, but premieres and press tours stop for no one. Even if she is doing just one movie a year, Paltrow still going to be a busy lady and I'm sure we'll hear all about her hard times no matter what.