'Girls' Casts Marin Ireland as Hannah's Classmate, But Will She Be Friend or Foe?

So, it looks like there will be a new girl joining Hannah Horvath & Co — but not in New York City. As we head to Iowa, it's time to meet those writerly types at the Iowa Writer's Workshop! So now, in the latest addition to the cast, we have Marin Ireland joining the cast of Girls as a fellow graduate student of Hannah's in good ol' Iowa.

According to Deadline, Ireland will play Logan, who's a rich, beautiful, sexual classmate of Hannah's. Sweet — sounds like she and Hannah might butt heads. Hannah, who has undoubtedly had access to privilege, definitely knows what it's like to be broke, too, throughout her struggles of trying to make it as a writer. She'll be feeling sexual, but far away from Adam (and who the hell knows what will happen with those two), so it's easy to already sense the discord that could come from the two of them being in the same room — or maybe workshop group?

Setting this new season partially in Iowa will be an excellent opportunity to see Hannah in a new environment, and to meet new characters. I'm cool with all of this Iowa stuff, so long as we still get Elijah in his short suits.

As for Ireland you may recognize her from Homeland and The Following, but she's also a Broadway vet, having appeared in The Big Knife, Reasons To Be Pretty, and After Miss Julie. She's got some real acting chops, which means we'll be in for some pretty awesome scenes.

Either way, all of this means one thing: my countdown to Season 4's premiere begins, like, now.