7 Different Ways to Wear Eyeliner

Your eyes are getting sleepy. Not because you're actually getting tired (or maybe you are), but because they're bored of the same ol' way you've been applying eyeliner. Admit it: while you might change up your lipstick and eyeshadow colors every now and then, your liner style hasn't changed since college. Your Facebook photos can attest to it. I know it's hard to get yourself out of a makeup routine, especially if what you do totally works and flatters the shape of your eye. But there's a world of eyeliner possibilities out there waiting for you to try them out! It's hard to believe, but the winged eyeliner isn't the only way! You might even find that some are even easier than the one technique you've spent your entire life mastering (cough cat eye cough). We scoured the Interwebs for fun and unexpected ways for you to outline your peepers, from switching up the color of your eyeliner to reversing the accent of the dramatic flick.

The next time you reach for your crayon, gel or smudge pot, consider these seven different and exciting ways to spice up your eyeliner game. You might just find a new favorite style to take over your beloved cat eye.


In case you aren't following breaking Korean beauty trends (which you totally should be), this particular eyeliner style has gotten pretty popular. And for good reason —it's adorable! Our friends over at XoVain even called it the new cat eye. Instead of flicking upwards, the eyeliner follows the natural shape of your eyes, making them appear bigger and rounder, and as a result, super, super, super cute. If you're looking for a more casual eyeliner style that's not as sexy and dramatic as a cat eye, this is your new go-to.


For a festive and playful way to do your eyes this summer, consider adding color. Lots of color. This tutorial from Beautylish shows you how to create a bright rainbow gradient without making it look too clownishly bold.


Borrow a page from the '60s and recreate Twiggy's iconic mod eyeliner style. Don't forget to brush white eyeshadow on your lids and in the inner crease of your eye to really make your eyes pop. It wouldn't hurt to put on some individual false eyelashes on your bottom lash line, either!


A simple way to mix up your usual winged liner is by flipping it upside down. Follow The Beauty Department's easy tutorial on how accentuate the bottom lash line rather than putting the attention on the top. It's the perfect sultry look for date night!


Sometimes one wing just isn't enough. Double up the drama by creating an additional smaller wing on your bottom lash line. This look is much edgier than the usual winged liner, so it draws even more attention to your eyes.


If you're looking for an easy way to make your eyes look more awake, skip the black eyeliner on your bottom lash line and use white instead.'s simple tutorial will show you how wearing white eyeliner on your bottom waterline has the ability to make your eyes look brighter and wider.


Presenting your next girls' night out look: This dramatic, yet sophisticated style from Go Vamp. If it's a little too much for your taste, I suggest going thinner when connecting your crease line and your lash line. Complete the look by going even bolder with a rich, red lip or less dramatic with a nude matte lip crayon.

Image: xovain, beautylish,,, Olga_blik/,,