Don't Miss Rayna, Juliette, & The Gang

Let's be honest. This Season 2 of Nashville hasn't been the best. With the strange open-ended storylines to some truly boring episodes and characters, this ABC show has really needs to pick up some serious slack. Thankfully, the promising premise of the show has yet another chance to shine now that Nashville has been picked up for a third season. As much as I harp, I actually believe Nashville can be great. Remember the first season when Rayna and Juliette had to first start touring together? Even Rayna starting her own label is a cool idea. So considering all the potential, maybe tonight's season finale can leave us with some interesting questions that we'll actually want answered when the show returns this fall.

In case you're one of those people who doesn't have a set TV schedule every week (oh, is that just me?) or in case you're more interested in watching the season finales of Arrow or Criminal Minds, or the series finale of Suburgatory (tears!), you can always save Nashville for a rainy day. Or for Thursday morning. Whatever. It's extremely simple to watch your favorite show online or on TV On Demand. Let me give you guys a quick play-by-play.

Watch Online

If you like to watch TV online, you have quite a few options to watch Nashville. Rayna, Juliette, Deacon and the gang are available to watch on the ABC website. Just click on Nashville full episodes, verify your cable provider and watch the finale. Or you can get a membership to Hulu Plus — it's so worth it — and watch the finale on that website. Really love Nashville and don't agree with me that this season has gotten a bit stale? You can also buy the season finale and previous episodes on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. It might be worth it for those songs alone.

Watch On TV

Tip for you all: Invest in DVR if you don't already have it. If that's not your cup of tea, you can always watch your favorite episodes of Nashville, including tonight's finale, On Demand. Just use your remote to get to the menu section of your cable box and find the ABC series. Browse until you get to Nashville and click for the most recent episode. Episodes usually make it up On Demand by the next morning so you won't be too behind when your friends start discussing Scarlett's pill-popping, Rayna's weird, hopefully doomed romance with Luke, and Juliette, well, just being Juliette. Don't ever change Juliette. Don't ever change.

Images: ABC/Mark Levine; Wifflegif; Tumblr/whentherightonecomesalong