'Once Upon a Time's Fans Were Called Out in a Big Way By This South Dakota Anchor — VIDEO

Once Upon a Time fans in South Dakota were the subjects of an angry rant by local ABC-affiliate anchor Nancy Naeve. Apparently their KSFY coverage of the tornado cut into the finale and fans were more than a little upset. But instead of keeping their frustration to themselves, they apparently called into the station en masse to complain, and Naeve was having none of it.

After the fact she addressed the complaints in a short wrap-up clip the station aired. First they showed some footage of a woman talking about how the KSFY broadcast had altered her to the tornado and she was able to warn her granddaughter who was in the tornado's path. The fact that station's coverage of the storm saved a person's life seems to be what frustrated Naive the most. While Naeve's co-anchor Shawn Cable said he felt bad for interrupting the show, Naeve wasn't feeling as apologetic herself. She launched into diatribe against the fans saying, "No show is as important as someone's life."

It's rare for anchors to lose their cool on air, but Naeve's words were totally high-five worthy (and co-anchor Cable agreed, giving her one at the end of the tirade). It is just a show, and as Naeve pointed out, fans could have gone to abc.com to finish watching. "We get it you love your show," she said toward the end of the rant. "But we love that Shawn was saving lives—literally."

So, listen up OUAT fans, if this ever happens again, don't grouse to the news station. And if you have to complain about it, passive aggressively do it on Twitter like a normal person.

Watch the full rant below:

Shawn Cable on YouTube

Image: ABC