A Clear Message Straight From Bey's Instagram

What... is.... happening? I left my computer yesterday for, like, six hours, and suddenly Jay Z and Solange were jewelry shopping together after their elevator fight? And now I wake up on a Wednesday morning and Beyonce has responded to Solange deleting every Insta-memory of her existence by posting not one, two, or three but FOUR loving and sweet photos of the Knowles sisters together. I can't keep up with this, I have a lot of TV to watch!

The photos are adorable, of course, but also infuriating for us plebes who are following this saga with wide eyes and nosy noses. Which is probably the point—it seems like it's Bey's graceful, silent way of saying "shut up and mind your business" to us normies who have nothing better to do than to speculate about the drama in the Knowles household.

But honestly, isn't that the point of goddesses like Beyonce and Solange? To give some meaning to our quotidian and blasé lives, right? The four photos are a range, showing the loving sisters prancing in perfect outfits at Coachella, a snap from Solange's blonde-braid days when she was a teen, one of them on vacation on an island in the sun, presumably that they own, and the final photo shows them dancing onstage during Coachella 2014, hugging jubilantly after surprising the audience.

Is it a message to the public to STFU about whatever rifts might be rifting in the Knowles family? Prob. Is it a "oh, girl" from Beyonce to her younger sister Solange, a wise "this too shall pass, stop being trite" from older sister to young? Could be. Is it something for us mere mortals to discuss at length as if we have anything to do with such demi-goddesses at all? Absolutely.

The photos:

As one passionate and heated Instagram user noted, BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER! Which reflects our sentiments, too: we hope the Knowles sisters are BFF again.

Images: Beyonce/ Instagram