Andi Dorfman's 'Bachelorette' Contestants' Favorite Movies Say a Lot About Them

I'm a firm believer in the fact that you can tell a lot about a person by what their favorite movies are. Think about it: A guy who tells you that his favorite movie Crazy, Stupid Love is trying to get you to picture him as your own personal Ryan Gosling. Someone who tells you that they only watch foreign movies is probably very pretentious. And a guy who tells you his favorite movie is Vanilla Sky is telling you he has bad taste in movies. That's why, when I saw that the list of bachelorette Andi Dorfman's new suitors included a section for the eligible bachelors to list some of their favorite films, I was excited. Finally, some quality intel on the guys who will be competing to win over Andi Dorfman's heart.

While I couldn't care less about the suitors shoe size (as Martha Sorren puts it, "I guess we can now send them shoes?") I was fascinated to learn just how many Back to the Future fans are in the bunch. But what do their movie selections say about them? A lot... and not all of it is good.

Here's what we learned about these guys from their favorite movies.

Nick V.

Nick's blend of inspirational drama with slapstick comedy proves that he's more than meets the eye. Sure, he's a goof, but he also likes to consider himself a philosopher. His high school yearbook quote was "work hard, play hard."


Brett's selections read like they are just the last three movies he saw on HBO. (Come on, no one liked We're The Millers THAT much.) This guy didn't even put enough effort in to learn that his favorite movie is actually called Step Brothers, not "Step Brother." The laziness translates over into other parts of his life as well. Let's just say that it's why he's currently on The Bachelorette.


This guy is clearly a goof with an inner child just waiting to bust out. He'll want your wedding to be at the Cinderella castle in Disney World.


This guy has felt like the underdog his entire life, but that's okay, because he knows that the underdog eventually comes out on top. Regardless, he really, really wants people to like him.


Brian is the kind of guy who will drop a smooth line on you at the bar while subsequently checking out your friend. He actually does like The Notebook, if only because he's spent a lot of time taking notes to try to find what exactly makes Gosling so appealing.


Bradley values success but also knows that family is the most important thing. He still watches his favorite movie It's A Wonderful Life with his entire family, while eating homemade Christmas cookies. He put Spaceballs on this list for street cred.

Josh M.

Josh does Crossfit.


Marquel once crashed a wedding. When he was caught, he flashed the guests this smile and became an honorary member of the wedding party.

Nick S.

Nick watches a lot of movies, but he's no cinephile. He just really wants to get all of the Family Guy references.


Marcus likes strong women. In fact, he only went out for The Bachelorette because he dated half of Tinder looking for the right one. He is a secret romantic but wonders if anyone can measure up to the fictional versions of Uma Thurman he's secretly obsessed with.


JJ is a stoner. Ain't no shame in that game.

Good luck, Andi! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Images: ABC