Alternate Ending for Tyrion's Speech on 'Game of Thrones' Will Make All '90s Kids Laugh — VIDEO

So, you know Tyrion had the most epic drop the mic speech on Game of Thrones in Episode 6, right? Seriously, somebody hand Peter Dinklage his Emmy now, please. But now we also have an alternate ending to Tyrion's trial, and it's pretty darn hilarious. In fact, have you ever thought of combining the words "Skee-Lo" and "Westeros" in a sentence? Well, now, you can: Skee-Lo comes to Westeros right here. Bam. (DROPS MIC. JUST LIKE TYRION.)

I don't want to spoil this excellent alternate ending, but it does involve some super '90s hip hop music, and it features an excellent super cut of all of the significant people at the trial looking down in shame as Tyrion gives his final words —well, moves, to be more accurate — in his defense. Oberyn, however, leans in with intrigue, beause as we all know... Oberyn says "yes" to new things since he's quite the experimental man. Oh, Prince O!

Anyway, this whole video will make you wonder if instead of Tyrion having a trial by combat... he should maybe have a trial by dance-off? Or is there some editing genius out there in the Internet universe who can give us a Game of Thrones dance-off? Just a seed to plant in the Internet's head for another time.

Check it out, and enjoy!


Image: HBO