Drake & Rihanna Breakup Rumors Make Us Wonder Who's To Blame (Hint: Probably Drake)

It's only been a few weeks since speculation of a relationship between Drake and Rihanna began and already we've moved on to rumors of a breakup. Supposedly the two had actually been dating since March, however on Wednesday night it was reported that not only did Drake and Rihanna break up, but they are both blaming each other for the split. It's the typical he said, she said situation that is reserved for breakups between high school students and celebrities.

Of course since Drake and Rihanna fall into the celebrity category, all of the things being said actually come from sources "close to" one of the stars, though Drake still manages to fall directly into every male post-breakup stereotype. The source cited by Us Weekly claims that the couple broke up because Drake was "too in love" with Rihanna. What exactly that means and why it would end their relationship is unclear.

Based on other sources, however, either that reason is complete bullshit or Drake is embarrassed by his overwhelming love and wants to put the blame on Rihanna. A few weeks ago, it was reported that Drake told Rihanna she was "too needy," a line that's probably familiar to any woman who's ever dated an asshole that wanted her to stop talking and/or having emotions.

According to a source that spoke with Hollywood Life, Drake pulled the needy card and told Rihanna that his "goals and ambitions" come first. Things get even more confusing when the source mentions Rihanna's response to that, saying that though she understood Drake's focus on his career, she was mad at his comments and purposely started acting distant in response, "trying to make him miss her."

A lot of these comments just don't make sense together. Was Drake too in love with Rihanna or did he want space? If he did want space, was Rihanna mad at him for that or did she understand his reasons? There's no way Drake could be too in love with Rihanna and simultaneously find her needy. If he loved her to the point that it was too much for her to stand, how could he also find her needy and want her to back off?

It has to be one or the other and right now, signs point to Drake somehow being the one at fault for the split. Just think about it, does Rihanna really seem like the "needy" type? It would make more sense if maybe Drake wanted more out of the relationship than she did, but doesn't want to hurt his reputation (or ego) by letting people know he got dumped. Instead, he's using one of the two male go-to excuses for breakups, calling her needy—the other would be calling her crazy.

It's unlikely we'll ever know the full story but for now, until the next batch of rumors are released, we're team Rihanna.