Ann Coulter Thinks Michelle Obama Should Tweet "I Married An Idiot", Because Of Course She Does

Best-selling author and professional troll Ann Coulter has a message for you, even if you were pretty sure she felt this way without needing to ask — Coulter thinks Michelle Obama should tweet that she married an idiot. (That'd be Barack Obama, if you wondered.) Also, she thinks the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls, created in response to the kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian girls by Islamic militant group Boko Haram, is perfectly appropriate to leverage to get that point across. She's basically, well, Coultering, and some issues are a more awkward to do that with than others. Like this.

Coulter's been roasted since tweeting a picture of herself holding a #BringBackOurCountry sign last Sunday, which set the stage for her appearance on Fox News' Hannity Wednesday. Lashing out at the criticisms of her mockery, and at the Obamas themselves, Coulter came up with this clever little barb.

It's no surprise that somebody from within the White House, particularly the First Lady herself, would want to lend some symbolic support to victims of the kidnapping. So Michelle released a photo — not exactly a politically risky move, but one of human solidarity about a tragic and abhorrent act.

Now, a normal person probably looks at that image and thinks, "Hey, that's nice. I'd also like those villainous men to Bring Back Our Girls! Good on Michelle for getting this out there." Many media conservatives, however, have not had that reaction, apparently distressed that hashtag campaigns can't actually thwart armed militias.

Coulter is at the forefront of that group.

Just so we're all on the same page — how many of us actually thought Michelle Obama holding up a hashtag was a "major policy initiative?" The answer, most likely, is virtually none. It's almost as if the argument is just a clumsy cover for a political attack!

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Which, of course, shouldn't come as much surprise, given Coulter's long career of partisan ranting on almost any issue, regardless of sensitivity. To say nothing of hate speech — lest we forget, back before most everyone loathed philandering Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, she called him an anti-gay slur live on stage at the 2007 Conservative Political Action Conference.

Notwithstanding, this is a useful benchmark to keep in mind. On the definitive "will Ann Coulter politicize this for laughs" list, kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls is now firmly in the "yes" column.

Image: Michelle Obama/Instagram