Trailer For Disney's Live-Action 'Cinderella': Everything You Desperately Need To Know

Sweet nightingales are singing today. There's been hardly a whisper about Disney's live-action Cinderella since 2013 when Disney announced that Downton Abbey 's Lily James would play Cinderella and that they'd begun shooting the film. But on Thursday morning, Disney dropped a huge glass slipper regarding the Kenneth Branagh-directed film — there's a teaser trailer for Cinderella. And a new poster. And a former Game of Thrones star on the cast list. It's big news, people!

You're excited, I know — but don't get too excited. The first teaser trailer for Cinderella is more or less a 360-degree view of a glass slipper. But it is set to some beautiful, majestic music, so it's got that going for it. Other than that, this is a big, glorious announcement that live-action Cinderella will hit theaters in March 2015, a little less than a year from now. Luckily, what the teaser lacks in actual film footage, the official film synopsis reveals just about everything you need to know:

Well, bippity, boppity, boo. We already knew about Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham-Carter's involvement and respective roles. But do you recognize that other name floating around in there? Richard Madden, or as I like to call him ROBB FREAKING STARK, is on board as the a prince. From the King of the North to a French prince — I always knew he had the face of royalty. Now, that's something to be excited about whether you're a Game of Thrones fan or not.

Unlike Disney's modern-riff on Snow White, 2012's Snow White & The Huntsman, it doesn't look like we're getting a more modern, female-empowering take on this classic tale. At least, if we are, Disney and Branagh aren't letting us know about it with this synopsis. It seems pretty straight-forward fairytale-y to me — Cinderelly is all about kindness, reducing her to a meek, tattered servant girl, but when she meets a prince and her fairy godmother, her luck is about to change. Maybe Disney could've incorporated a little bit of the spunk and independence Drew Barrymore brought when she played an older, Cinderella-type in 1998's Ever After?

Either way, we're excited. (No, not just because of Robb Stark.) It's been a long time since we got any decent news about Disney's latest live-action adaptation of a classic fairytale. But we've got one question — will there be talking mice?

Watch the first teaser trailer for Cinderella here:

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