'RHONJ' Season 6 Trailer Is Here, But, Why Did Dina Manzo Return? — VIDEO

Anyone who misses out on a Fourth of July fireworks show can thank Bravo TV in advance for implementing an equally explosive backup plan. The only difference between the original and its understudy is that when season six of The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres on July 13, grass fire potential will remain relatively low and for the most part, it won't violate any city ordinances.

The release of the new trailer displays the franchise's ongoing revolving door trend with new cast members coming and going like the wind. Aside from a few new faces fueling drama, the new season features the return of Dina Manzo, whose self-proclaimed zen outlook on life aligns with Bravo's tagline "Watch What Happens," which works well-- if she were just a viewer. Her return to the show will definitely contribute to making it a standout season, but it'll take a little more than her stone-faced commentary to keep the momentum going.

The now twice-divorced housewife reemerges with her signature phrase, "the bitch is back," but judging by the show's feisty new additions, she may be forced to share that title. Sure she's in the mix again, but what on earth could have possibly beckoned her back to the show?

Could the absence of her older sister Caroline have prompted Dina's return? After all, RHONJ initially began with the Manzos serving as its cornerstone, so this may just be the family's way of maintaining their presence on the show.

Then again, maybe Dina's interest in event planning on HGTV slowly waned, and she now prefers to flip tables instead of decorating them.

Plus, there's the fact that she's no longer married, which makes me wonder if that played a role in her leaving in the first place. Also, according to the trailer she will play an ally to Teresa Giudice, who needs all the help she can get in cleaning up her soiled image.

Other reasons to be present for this season include an appearance by Victoria Gotti, who's no stranger to reality TV. The wives may be more her speed, unlike Lisa Lampanelli and the entire premise of Celebrity Apprentice . Gotti's cameo makes me yearn for a Mob Wives/Housewives crossover episode, kinda like when the Flinstones met the Jetsons. Maybe they can sit around and get drunk like Homer and Peter Griffin. Someone should make this happen already!

Anyway, can Dina keep up with this new crop of wives? Since Danielle Staub's scheming antics drove her away the first time, let's just hope that by now she's discovered a more effective antidote to dealing with the drama.Check out the trailer for season six below: