What? The Wedding Isn't In Paris Anymore?

by Lia Beck

Enough is enough. The Kimye wedding rumors were fun for a while, but now things are just getting out of hand. The one thing we thought we knew about the wedding was its location in Paris, France, but now there is a rumor saying that has changed. According to Entertainment Tonight, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are getting married in Florence, Italy. This damn wedding just needs to happen already. This is exhausting.

Even more annoyingly, the information about the Italian wedding actually adds up. According to a source who spoke with ET, the couple will host a dinner in Paris for their guests the night before the ceremony and then fly them on private planes to Florence for the wedding.

Another source, who spoke with Us Weekly , explained, "Kim and Kanye have told all guests different info. No one knows all of the details."

Flying guests on private plans into a different country the night before your wedding might sound crazy, but it explains a question that their leaked invitation left us with: Why is there no location listed for the ceremony? The invitation has the date of the wedding and says "details upon arrival" and underneath says that the night before there will be a dinner at six o'clock in Paris, France. When the invitation was mysterious released by an anonymous insider, I wondered how wedding guests would be able to find Kim and Kanye. Would they just call them once their plane landed and meet up at the Arc de Triomphe? The new report still doesn't explain how exactly they'll find the dinner, but it does explain why there wouldn't be a location for the wedding printed on the invite.

It also makes sense as far as Kim and Kanye's need for privacy goes. If the wedding is in a completely different location than what has been thought of all along, how will paparazzi be able to find them? Even better, if the Florence location sounds made up, the paparazzi will be confused as to whether they should stick it out with their Paris plans or head to Florence instead? If Kanye and Kim didn't come up with this, whoever did might have accidentally done them a big favor.

On the other hand, it's possible that the invitation and the rumor about Italy are both fake. Basically, anything is possible and the rumors are just going to keep coming. I could literally start a rumor that the Kimye wedding was really planned to be in Calabasas all along and that the international stuff was just to throw us off and it would be reasonable at this point.

The only thing that is certain right now is that May 24 can't come soon enough. (If the wedding date is also fake, I'm severing all ties to the modern world and moving to Siberia.)