'The Fault In Our Stars' Clip Shows Hazel, Gus & Isaac Indulging In Adolescent Delinquency

In terms of teen tropes, vandalization and other small-time misbehavior is up there amongst the most frequently-used. But there's still something weirdly great about seeing the cancer-ridden kids of The Fault In Our Stars egg the house of someone who's wronged one of them. And it's a clip that doesn't seem seconds from making us cry!

The clip surrounds the part of the story in which Issac — Nat Wolff, who will be starring in the next John Green adaptation, Paper Towns — has just been dumped by his girlfriend Monica in the wake of a surgery that took away his eyesight. So he's blind, and he's heartbroken, and his buddy Augustus, ever the one for a theatrical moment, suggests it might be time to egg Monica's house and car.

And so they do. And sure, it might be a bit of an overdramatic response to the situation, and Monica probably had her reasons — but it's also fun, and you can't really fault these kids (heh, heh, get it?) for seizing adventure where they can get it. It also shows us a side of the story we hadn't necessarily seen in the other clips released from the movie so far: There's Hazel and Gus being a cute couple fondling each other's hands, sure; but it's also great to see how Isaac fits into the equation, and the ease of the kids' reactions on the whole.

Is it June 6 yet?

Kait Cloonan on YouTube

Image: 20th Century Fox