Savannah Guthrie Makes “Scissor” Pun On The ‘Today’ Show & It Might Not Have Been An Accident — VIDEO

In honor of Barbara Walters' retirement, many of television's top female broadcasters came together to celebrate along with a special episode of The View dedicated to Walters, the show's co-creator and co-host. One of these women included the Today show's Savannah Guthrie who made a surprisingly sexual pun when explaining some silliness that went down at the event. Savannah Guthrie said Gayle King tried to "scissor" her. It's unclear if Guthrie was being punny on purpose or punny on accident, but the phrase, "I was trying to pull Gayle's hair and she was trying to scissor me" happened and her co-hosts found it pretty funny.

Guthrie was talking about a photo she tweeted of herself, King, and Robin Roberts which shows the ladies goofing off at Walters' party. All three are fake fighting each other, but also posed for a more traditional picture. Guthrie put them both together on Twitter along with the caption, "Hey ladiezzzz - this is getting prime real estate in my newslady photo album @robinroberts @gayleking #epic."

Something was going on here regardless of what point at which it happened. Did King go, "I'm scissoring you!" while taking the photo and then bet Guthrie she wouldn't say it on air? Did Guthrie decide on the joke before the Today show began filming? Or was it totally an accident? Either way, it happened and now lives on forever in the magical land that is the Internet.

Chris Gersbeck on YouTube