The Best Wedding Program Ever

Wedding ceremonies can be beautiful, and there’s nothing quite like that moment when a couple is pronounced husband and wife — unless of course, the minutes leading up to that moment stretch into an hour-plus of vows, sermons, and redundant readings (Love is patient, love is kind, we get it already). Anyone who has ever been to a wedding would probably agree that the shorter the ceremony, the better. After all, romantic poetry is lovely but the reception is where the food, music, and (maybe most importantly) cocktails are.

Well, by the looks of this hilarious photo, it seems that at least one awesome couple has taken note of this. Posted to Reddit by user Pureflames7, the snapshot shows a program from his cousin’s wedding — and let me just say, they definitely got it right. There are only three items on the day's schedule, and not a single one of them is "Bride's niece's friend's playmate reads Corinthians 13:4-8."

Let this be a notice to every bride and groom to consider keeping their ceremony short and sweet. Obviously, this couple gets it and has their priorities in order! Not to mention, it shows they have a great sense of humor. I only wish more weddings I attended had "schedules" like this one. Maybe this couple should go on a double date with the people who created the most honest wedding invitation ever.