Put Your Selfies On These Sneakers

Obsessed with Instagram, but not quite ready to tattoo a selfie onto your body? Luckily for all us filter addicts, Adidas has come up with a much less extreme way to forever memorialize your most Liked pics: By putting them on your running sneakers.

In case you don't get enough social media on your phone, laptop, and tablet, the fitness brand announced Friday (via video clip on Insta, obviously) that they'll be launching an app later this summer that will let you send photos straight from your phone to your feet. There's not much more info than that available yet — Fashionista said a rep for Adidas couldn't confirm exactly how the app will work, what the price point for the custom kicks will be, or how long this whole thing will even last. I can't imagine them discontinuing the feature too quickly. After all, people love forcing the rest of the world to to look at their #art in as many ways possible.

The prints Adidas suggests in the short clip are actually quite pretty and would make for very lovely, unique sneakers. But, really, if I'm going to pick an Instagram picture to put on my shoes? You better believe it'll be of my cat.

Image: Adidas