Society Just Reached a New Low With This Tattoo

by Michelle Regalado

When I think of all of the things that I’d want today’s culture to be remembered for, our society’s selfie craze is definitely not on the list. But it seems at least one woman doesn’t agree with me. She’s so on board with the trend that she got her own selfie tattooed on her arm. Start preparing for the apocalypse now because clearly, the end is near.

The context of the tattoo or the identity of the woman is unknown, which is probably best. What we do know is that this picture, which shows a female using a digital camera to snap a photo of herself in a bathroom mirror, has quickly been making its way around the Internet this week. And let’s just say, it’s making many people — including myself — very scared for the state of our world.

Besides the fact that getting a tattoo of a mirror selfie on your own body is ridiculously redundant (was she afraid she’d forget what she looked like? Even if she did, couldn’t she refer to that selfie for reference…or you know, look in a mirror?), what makes the whole thing even worse is that she’s making that duck face in the photo. Noooo. Duck faces do not need to be immortalized anywhere, let alone on your skin. Not only do they look obnoxious, but oh yeah, they look OBNOXIOUS.

I thought the guy who recently inked a photo of KFC Double Down Sandwich on his leg was pretty bad. Make that very bad. But this...well, this might seriously be the end-all, be-all of terrible tattoos.

Image: Kiss925/Twitter